Roundtable discussion with Prof Mamokgethi Phakeng - Opening Remarks by UCTABA DP

Photo: Buyani Zwane (UCT Council); Prof. Mamokgethi Phakeng (UCT Vice Chancellor); Justice Albie Sachs (Retired Judge); Adv. Rod Solomons (UCTABA Deputy President)


 - Good evening everyone, let me firstly thank DAD for hosting this event with us.

 - As the Deputy President of Uctaba allow me to, on behalf of our National President, Justice Luthuli & the rest of the national executive give a special welcome to our still almost brand new VC as she traverse her way to position UCT to take its rightful place in society

 - A special welcome to member of council & uctaba Exco member Buyani Zwane & Judge Albie Sachs

 - Another welcome is to you our alumni, many who are members of UCTABA. If you are not a member please consider joining. Find us on our website.. or on FB or complete a membership form.

 - When Dr. Max Price was VC we had these regular networking sessions and we agreed to continue it with our new VC, Prof. Phakeng.

 - Tonight's topic is short but it is apt and goes to the heart of the matter ...."Who owns uct"

 - That is one of the reasons why UCTABA was established in 2007. A group of black students wanted to claim our space in this institution; we wanted to play a meaningful role in changing or transforming this place for the better; and we wanted to make a contribution to assist more black students to get post graduate degrees in order to get them into academia( hence we started the 1000 X 1000 bursary scheme.

 - We were engaged in this dilemma that is so aptly captured by tonight's topic by getting involved to assist in resolving the vexing question of transformation that spilled over into Rhodes must fall; fees must fall; in vs outsourcing of workers and the question of sidelining of black academic staff....Dr. Price & many others including affected students and staff can attest to that.

 - Prof. Phakeng on behalf of the UCTABA leadership I can boldly say that you have a TRUE friend in UCTABA. We will applaud you when you do well and guide you or express a helpful view when we think you can do better because we want you and your team to succeed. Because if you succeed then those who come after us will have a better experience at UCT unlike what many of us had.

 - Finally I wish to invite all of you to join us at our 2nd UCT Homecoming event over the weekend of 23-24 November 2018. Please diarise and watch our website and FB page.

 - Prof Phakeng, please feel welcome to address and engage with us.

Thank you.

Adv. Rod Solomons, Deputy President of UCTABA, Sep.04, 2018